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Career of Virgo Virgoans can be relied upon in the workplace, liking accuracy, seriousness, small detail and efficiency; in a word, they like to do a good job. They do not need a well-paid job to feel fulfilled, but like working as part of a team, where they are motivated by competition and collective success.

For her, there is no question of getting it wrong: she has to choose the perfect man.

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Her desire is to take on a lifelong project, based entirely on comfort and security. The Virgoan male is an honest and sincere partner.

He will choose his other half meticulously, with the aim of finding perfection. He wants to set up home and live in perfect harmony! Emotional Profile of Virgo Pleasure is important to Virgo and sex is a determining element in their conquest of the object of desire.

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Fundamentally anxious, they are on the perpetual hunt for amorous sensation. They are very modest and prefer to hide their definite taste for a richly intense sex life. Whilst they are shy, they are deeply sensual and generally seek emotional stability.

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Although faithful, they can nevertheless go for an affair on the quiet out of pure curiosity. Sexuality of Virgo Virgo never enter a relationship without having thought about it beforehand. Blessed with a strong libido, this Earth sign, once he or she feels secure, likes to enjoy earthly pleasures with great sensuality.

Virgoans need intellectual stimulation to be able to let go completely.

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Being curious about everything, they appreciate subtlety and good taste. They may be perfectionists, even where sex is concerned, but are also epicurean, liking to have all their senses awakened and show their highly sexy side. Have a nice day! Susan from the site Free-Horoscope. Thanks for your comment Ducky, everyone can fall in love with anyone, the sign is only a small part of the personality. Your couple is a game of mirrors where work, sobriety, safety and practicality are your biggest concerns. Take time to ventilate your couple by going out with people more open and lighter.

If you do not agree between each others, you will have to rely on other aspects of your cards to nuance this 'fight'. Have a good day! Nervous and also anxious Its always a struggle to success there are stumbling blocks in my way Financial problems always a problem.. What is your sign? Thank you for the reading. Have a look in your Horoscope for August: it's just on line since this morning: Your monthly horoscope Have a good day!

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Astrology throughout the World. Astrological Transits. Numerology Numerological glossary. Moon square Venus is particularly notable in the arts and in great thinkers. The tension of the square spurs the imagination of the Moon plus the artistic leanings of Venus to produce great works of creativity whether it be in music, theatre or fine art. The drive for material wealth is there too as Venus represents pentacle. The edge of the square may have the native feeling quite uncomfortable with the amount of wealth they acquire so therefore much energy is devoted to bringing harmony or love to those in suffering.

Horoscope for may 13 birthday

Artistic souls will transfer the love through beautiful pieces of artwork, while those in the caring professions will have a generous heart and will be extremely affectionate. This hard aspect does not go without its heartache. Sometimes these folk can suffer from bleeding heart syndrome, where their devotion knows no bounds, which can leave them feeling too drained.

Their unconditional love is admirable, but they need to make sure they maintain a balance between how much they give and receive. Alanis Morissette started off as a teenage dance-popper with bubblyVenusian curls. That is until she rather abruptly flipped over into the wild-haired moody moon. She is credited with paving the way for other serious female singer-songwriters. Tchaikovsky was a 19th Century Russian composer. His ballet music is probably what most people today remember him for.

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His yearning for a loving relationship was confounded by the fact Tchaikovsky was thought to be a homosexual. He had one disastrous marriage and remained a bachelor most of his life. Tchaikovsky always stated soprano Desiree Artot was the love of his life. However, the famous singer refused to give up her career for him and settle in Russia. Moon square Venus can show difficulties maintaining female relationships. I will have this opp.