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Her problems began when a crack appeared on a window pane a few months after the window was installed in her Thornton home. Not only had the owner of the company — Window-Lux of Colorado — sold the business and moved to Florida, but the lifetime assurance she had been given was actually only for five years. A company representative did not return a call for comment. So nail clippers should be able to clip nails, but if a salesperson or product insert says it can be used to file them smooth, it should do that too, or you can return them citing the implied warranty.

In fact, lifetime can mean whatever the individuals peddling the guarantee want it to mean — as long as they tell you. Some states are a little different. In California, for example, a lifetime warranty has a minimum three-year requirement.

And the Federal Trade Commission says a warranty period not clearly defined is deceptive advertising. The AstroTwins have been writing daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes and columns as the official astrologers for Elle. Together they have written four books, including Love Zodiac: The Essential Guide For Women , about dating and relationships, and Momstrology: The AstroTwins' Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars , a comprehensive astrological guide to caretaking, with over pages of astrological parenting advice. They live in Seattle, Washington. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The AstroTwins. Detroit, MI. Accessed November 20, Retrieved Rebecca and Henry are engaged—but can Rebecca's Jewish parents and Henry's Christmas-loving family, the Kringles, find a way to get along, despite differing religious beliefs and holiday traditions? This corny premise is redeemed by stars Wendie Malick and Cynthia Stevenson, who should star in every Lifetime movie, honestly.

Why have just one single parent who discovers the true meaning of Christmas when you can have two single parents find the true meaning of Christmas together? Busy working mom Abby Vanessa Lachey and single dad lawyer Ryan Brendon Zub hate each other pretty much on sight, which is the surest recipe for love in the Lifetime Christmas kitchen. To reward her, Frances decides to give her granddaughter the family ornaments not a euphemism , but Whitney accidentally throws the box away. Instead of never talking to her again, Grandma Frances devises a Christmas scavenger hunt to remind Whitney about the true meaning of Christmas—and if she happens to find love along the way and move to Chicago and give up her job, even better.

The holidays are stressful for Mr. Claus, but having to oversee the manufacturing of toys for all the good boys and girls and making deliveries on a very tight deadline is nothing compared to having to hang out with their son's scientist future wife and her joyless parents. They all believe in science over Christmas, which makes for a very long holiday weekend. Cheers fans will rejoice at the reunion of Shelley Long and George Wendt, who star as the jolly in-laws. Dear Santa stars Amy Acker of Angel and Alias fame as a rich girl whose parents threaten to cancel her credit cards if she doesn't change her life.

Her foolproof plan: Make a little girl's Christmas dream come true by marrying her father. What could possibly go wrong? The icing on this cinematic confection is that it was directed by Beverly Hills star Jason Priestley. Do you really need to know more than that? Sam and Kat met at the children's table one Christmas, kick-starting a lifelong friendship that just might turn into romance.

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The film earns points for sheer quantity of festivities, with the action unfolding over the course of more than a dozen Christmas Eve parties. We found it—the only Lifetime Christmas movie that takes place on a cruise ship. The two families bond, but it's complicated, especially when his ex-wife shows up. Big Bang Theory 's Mayim Bialik gets dumped by her boyfriend a few days before Christmas and decides she may as well spend the holiday with her family.

"Conrad and Michelle: If Words Could Kill" will debut on Lifetime next month.

Unfortunately, bad weather diverts her plane and she ends up in Montana, where she is forced to share the town's last hotel room with an incredibly attractive stranger Ryan McPartlin , who just happens to walk around with a towel casually slung around his waist. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl 's Michelle Trachtenberg plays a reporter seeking the boy who sent her a memorable Secret Santa gift when they were kids.

With the blessing of her editor, she uses all her journalistic skills e. Then, in a very unprofessional—yet not particularly surprising—move, she falls in love with him. If you want to feel extra good about this movie, it was based on a real-life heartwarming story. This film, set in a psychiatric hospital, clearly owes a debt to Miracle on 34th Street. Kate, a psychiatrist, is rescued by a mysterious man named Nick Claus. She brings him to her hospital, where he sets about filling the patients with Christmas spirit, infuriating the Scrooge-like hospital administrator, and, of course, winning Kate's heart.

Alicia Witt plays a jaded TV executive who gets sucked into an antique snow globe.

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She's okay with that, though, because inside the globe it's always Christmas, she's married to Scrubs star Donald Faison, and she has two cute kids—plus a guardian angel in the form of Christina Milian. Then, jolly old Nick turns into the ghost of boyfriends past and disappears, leaving only a boot behind as a clue. Apparently unaware of ghosting as a modern dating phenomenon, Holly goes on the hunt for him, random boot in hand, turning this from Kinky Boots to Cinderella.

The title of this one doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it'll slot right into your comfort viewing schedule. Starring JoAnna Garcia as Roxanne, a wedding planner who sees red flags when her mom gets engaged to a man she hasn't known for very long, it's really two love stories for the price of one.

An internet meme becomes a made-for-TV movie thanks to the wonders of basic cable programming. Tatyana Ali plays the adorably clumsy Jennifer, who moves back home to care for her aging father and starts getting anonymous letters from a secret admirer, Jack New Girl 's Lamorne Morris. This film has something for everyone: romance, Christmas, and interdimensional wormholes. The former high school sweethearts are forced to hang out because their parents are hanging out, too, and this just might turn into an episode of Dr. Phil , where a mom and her guy get married, while the step-kids are dating each other.

Wendy Ashley Williams is a single mom who is going to lose her candy shop if she doesn't raise some fast cash. Instead of turning to Kickstarter, she takes a job in the toy section of a big-city department store at Christmas. While the owner's son takes a shine to her, she must face off against Teanna, a tough-as-nails marketer played by Ashanti. Will Wendy find love and the riches she needs? Well, it is Christmas on Lifetime.

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Hilarie Burton got into Christmas movies on a dare from Paul Rudd , and she has turned that one-off into a career with roles in Christmas on the Bayou , Naughty or Nice , and many more. In this go-round she plays a spunky Alaskan reindeer trainer charged with finding a substitute for Prancer when he injures his hoof. Her character, Annie, is a single mother of course who isn't sure she wants her daughter's pet reindeer to go to the North Pole.

It's up to Santa's hunky stablehand to convince her otherwise. Gwen Meredith Hagner is a personal shopper with a new client—Charlie Travis Milne , a workaholic single dad. If you think they might fall in love by the end of the movie, then you have finally watched enough Lifetime movies to know what you're in for. Gwen has no understanding of boundaries, and when she meets Charlie's adorable son, she decides to make it her Christmas mission to bring a little cheer to the family.

She not only gets them in the festive spirit, but she also realizes that all she wants for Christmas is them. If you have ever wanted to see Christine Baranski reveal her up-to-the-minute tech skills by revealing that she's "just bought a book on Amazon dot com," then you're in luck. Baranski plays Lee, who arrives on her restaurant-critic daughter JJ's doorstep after losing her job. Christmas magic happens. However, everyone in her hometown is treating her like it was a bad choice, because she broke the heart of her high school sweetheart when she left him behind.

She got into Julliard, people, respect!

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Any Christmas movie that ends with an En Vogue concert has to automatically be a top contender. Seriously, they could close It Follows with an En Vogue show, and the resulting film could upstage It's a Wonderful Life as a holiday favorite. This feel-good musical odyssey focuses on a fan Genelle Williams who asks the divas to play a benefit concert to save her family's club. And well, who cares: En Vogue concert!

Taraji P. Henson produced and made a brief appearance in this heartwarming, music-driven movie. Coming along for the ride are Gladys Knight and Method Man, who plays the resident Grinch—an untrustworthy record executive.